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Learn German effectively

How do I improve my reading and listening comprehension?

How do I build my vocabulary and consolidate my grammar skills?

The books of Easy German Grammar Stories will help you!

With these Easy German books for beginners, you have lots of ways to improve your German and you can concentrate on a variety of grammatical topics. It's your choice how intensively you use these possibilities. In my work as a German teacher, I have always found that there is no "best way" for learning. I believe everyone is different, has different talents, weaknesses and strengths. So everyone learns differently. A learning method that works well for one student may not work with another. I want to give you some ideas on how you can effectively learn German with my stories. Just try the individual steps. Find the methods which are most enjoyable and suitable for you. This way of learning is fun and your German will quickly improve. To experience success is important for your motivation. But do not forget, to sometimes work a bit on your weak points too. I wish you every success!

If you have bought one of my books, you can go to the members’ area, to get to the audio files and other materials.

Seven effective steps to success

Step 1: First reading or listening to the story (global comprehension)

Listen to the story from beginning to end. Do not use a dictionary. It is enough to understand the gist of the story.

(Global listening comprehension)

Read the story. Do not use a dictionary. Of course, you can look at the translations in the book.

(Global reading comprehension)

Step 2: Clarify words (detailed comprehension) 

Study on each individual chapter. Look up all unknown words. 

You can use the learning tool “Quizlet” to study words in a very entertaining way. In the members’ area, you will find flash cards for each chapter of the story. You can also add new words and edit flashcards, sign up at www.quizlet.com (build your vocabulary!).

If you have completed the chapter and you understand all the words, you can listen to the chapter many times. Now, passive listening (listening while, for example, cleaning your room, handcrafting, etc.) is very effective. 

Step 3: Grammar (understand and use the grammar)

Read the grammar part and underline new grammar in the story. Always pay attention to these passages when you listen to the story. Do the tests for each studied chapter. Make sentences using the new grammar and ask your German teacher or a German friend to correct them for you. For more tips on German grammar go to my grammar explanations.

Step 4: Listening and Reading (reading and pronunciation training)

Read the story along with the audio book. Go to the members’ area to Hörbuch langsam (audio book / slow), if the original version is too fast for you. First, you can read along quietly and then read out loud. Is the slow version still too fast? Practice small parts of the text, for example, practice a dialogue but only speaking the part of one person.
Reading aloud while listening to the story will help you to speak German more fluently!

Step 5: Dictation (improving writing skills)

Listen to the slow audio version and write down what you hear. This exercise will improve your spelling. It also promotes your writing ability, because you will remember the sentence pattern better.

Step 6: Test (control)

Do all the tests in the members’ area.

Step 7: Writing skills

Write a short sequel to the story. Use the grammar and the words you have learned!  Ask your German teacher or a German friend to correct them or send it to me!

If you do not live in Germany, it is sometimes difficult to find native German speakers. Luckily, there are already many websites that specialize in this area. One of them is www.conversationexchange.com. You may be able to find a suitable partner there.

Go straight to Amazon to see the books from Easy German Grammar Stories!  Click on the cover!

*If you click on the link and buy through this link, I get a commission from Amazon. For you, the price does not change. 

 Deutsch lernen mit Easy German Grammar Stories - der

 Deutsch lernen mit Easy German Grammar Stories

 Deutsch lernen mit Easy German Grammar Stories

 Deutsch lernen mit Easy German Grammar Stories

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