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Finn und Aimi 



Frau Immerfind in Düsseldorf 

The story of Finn and Aimi is told in three books. They are fun to read and to study intensively with them. Each book deals with essential German grammar. In the first book, you will learn verb conjugation in the Präsens and verb forms in the Perfekt. In the second book, Konjunktionen and Nebensätze are introduced and practiced. And the third book deals with the Plusquamperfekt, the Präteritum, the Future 1 and 2, the Passiv, and the Konjunktiv 2. You can practice all grammar in the exercises after each chapter. The books build on each other, and you can gradually learn the new grammar. And they are perfect for reinforcing your existing grammar skills.

What you get:

  • An easy to read and captivating story for beginners and intermediates
  • Free MP3 audio download of the whole story as an audiobook to improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • Translations of difficult German words into English and Japanese
  • Authentic dialogues
  • Explanations and tips on grammar
  • Exercises and solutions
  • A systematic and fun way to learn German


Book 1: Begegnung mit Aimi/ Präsens und Perfekt 


"Finn loses a large sum of money at the Düsseldorf train station. Then he meets the mysterious Aimi. Will she be able to help him find the money?"

This book tells the story of Finn and Aimi. It is written in simple German to take you into a reading flow. Translations of words into English and Japanese will help you understand the story. The book is also a Präsens and Perfekt-trainer. It is aimed at all German learners from beginner to advanced. The Präsens and Perfekt are the most essential tenses for you as a German learner. They are necessary for good oral and written communication. Through the exciting story, you will learn many indispensable verbs in a context. That will make it easier for you to use these verbs correctly in everyday language.
After each chapter, you will find helpful verb lists and exercises. At the end of the book, there are detailed grammar explanations and additional verb lists. You can download the whole story as an audiobook in the members' area here on my website.
So what are you waiting for? Get the book and improve your reading, vocabulary, and grammar skills right away!

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Paperback 9.99€ / eBook 4,99€ 

Frau Immerfind in Düsseldorf
Begegnung mit Aimi


Book 2: Die Wohngemeinschaft / Satzverbindungen 

"Aimi has lived with Finn, Andy, and Anke for two weeks, but life in the shared apartment is not easy. Can Aimi and Finn solve the problems quickly?"


This book continues the story of Finn and Aimi. In addition, you can learn and deepen sentence patterns and conjunctions. You will not only learn main clauses, subordinate clauses, indirect interrogative clauses, relative clauses and infinitive constructions, but also conjunctions such as: und, sondern, oder, denn, aber, weil, obwohl, wenn, als, dass, ...

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Frau Immerfind in Düsseldorf 2 
Die Wohngemeinschaft



Buch 3: Aimis Geheimnis / Zeitformen, Konjunktiv 2, Passiv 

"Finn and Aimi found a lead to Finn's money. Andy has a dangerous plan. Will Aimi's secret help them carry it out?"

This last book in the series is an introduction to the tenses: Präteritum, Plusquamperfekt, Futur 1 und 2. past tense, pluperfect, future 1 and 2. You will also learn the subjunctive 2 and the passive.

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Frau Immerfind in Düssedorf - Aimis GeburtstagFrau Immerfind in Düssedorf - Aimis Geburtstag

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